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to move the category bar up you have to edit index.php in your arthemia theme folder.
It looks now something like this:


<?php get_header(); ?>

   <?php if(!is_paged()) { ?>

   <div id="top" class="clearfloat">

      <div id="headline">
here is a lot of stuff for headline

   <div id="featured">
here is the featured stuff


   <div id="middle" class="clearfloat">
!!! here is everything you have to move up !!!

   <?php } ?>

   <div id="bottom" class="clearfloat">
above you see: if(!is_paged()) -> means all that things will show only on front page, end of this 'is not paged' is just before <div id="bottom" ...

now copy all between and including <div id="middle"... till ...</div>,

<div id="middle" class="clearfloat">
!!! here is everything you have to move up !!!

copy it and paste everything you copied just below the line 3, <?php if(!is_paged()) { ?>
you could look at your site now, refresh the browser, and you should see a new second category above headline and featured.
Now delete the lines you copied and pasted to the top. You might CUT and PASTE, but do not loose stuff, better is copying and deleting later.
If you do not like the distance between navbar and you moved category bar, you have to edit your style.css (line 318ff) for #middle to these values:


#middle {
background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;
margin:0 0 10px;

to show this category bar also on page two etc just paste it above line 3, <?php if(!is_paged()) { ?>
The add above nav bar:
Edit header.php, look in the lower part of this file for a line:

<div id="navbar" class="clearfloat">
your add-code should be inserted just above this line.

Best to create a new div like

<div class="headadd">
putting the code in a div gives you the chance to set a width and height and also let the add move to the center of this space.

That’s done by adding in style.css something like
.headadd {



hope it helps..

(von: f-t-cat)

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