does a class within a div have its own properties. Here is an example

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In the featured section of my Arthemia, anytime an image is made into a link a border of 1px is put around it.
I have added some social icons as you can see
FB, Twitter and Youtube within the featured div
and when I change the border property to 0, it does work and removes the border from around them but also around the featured news avatar images. I want to keep the borders around them but not around the social icons
You can see my site here
Can I put the social icons in a class
called socialicons
or div class="socialicons"
and put that within the featured div.
Now my question is since they are in a DIV, will the properties in the DIV overtake and take precedence over any children classes, or will the class be treated separately from the div that it is in.
I simply want to put the border around the featured icons, but keep the social icons borderless.

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Re: does a class within a div have its own properties. Here is an example :: Reply by master

21. Aug. 2010 (von: master)

You can put a div class around all your social icons.just under<div id="featured" align="left">put<div class="socialicons">and the closing /div before your h3 Featured items!now restore the border in style.css under#headline a img, #featured a img {border:1px solid #CCCCCC;......and add an entry…


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