simple CSS question about Arthemia!

von Joern am 31. Mai. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

HI Joern, I am trying to add the Featured content gallery code into the headline section of arthemia.
You can see my site here.
It says to paste this code
<?php include (ABSPATH . ‚/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery.php‘); ?>
where I want it to appear, so I opened up index. php and found headline and post it it before the code that prints out the title and look what happens, it goes into the Featured post section.
I basically want the Headline title then the Featured Content gallery and then the Headline text of the post. Do I have to put it in a div? If so, what would be its properties?
Thanks for your help man!

(von: omerkhan01)

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Re: simple CSS question about Arthemia! :: Reply by Joern

31. Mai. 2010 (von: Joern)

this is a common problem with the Featured content gallery as it is usingdiv id="featured"this is set in style.css of arthemia already to float right!you have it now inside the div class="title", put it before this line for testing, later…

Re: simple CSS question about Arthemia! :: Reply by omerkhan01

31. Mai. 2010 (von: omerkhan01)

works perfectly! Thanks man! Weiterlesen →


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