can you see if this feature works. cuber slider I can’t figure it out!

von Joern am 30. Mai. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

Dear Joern,
My website for ammazing series was a smash success and delivered on time. Thanks for your help I am working on my own site. I downloaded this theme called MagPrince and it comes with a slider(cuber slider) in the front that slides images from the slider sub folder nested inside the theme (magprince) folder. It is not showing up.
All you see is whatI see here. Just a red box which is the logo for the Cuber slider.
I tried to look at the XML files and convert the relative paths to absolute to the images. Still nothing!
Wondering if you can quickly look into this.
I am a genius again. I figured it out!
Hope your camping trip was good!

(von: omerkhan01)

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