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von Joern am 27. Mai. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

Hi Joern,
I have an issue that I’d like resolved. Been messing with this for a few days. Plan A – I get it to work. Plan B – I get something else to work. Plan C – I cry like a baby. Below are my plan ideas.
PLAN A – My site www.empoweringwomenslives.com is a membership site using S2member plugin. Basic membership is free. Members go through paypal to signup. I want them to return to Login.php page to register. Instead they go to home page. Because they did not register and receive their password, they don’t have member privileges. I’d like them to get to the registration page (login.php).
PLAN B – Create another site to use as an alternate page to potentially fix the problem by copying and pasting the login.php code. When I experiment with that in www.empoweringwomenslives.com/Succeed it is not displaying properly.
Once again, Help!!!

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