Help with drop down menu and comments

von Joern am 20. Mai. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

Hi Joern, I have a few questions for you.
1 – what happened to Jubel and the Unessentials Forum? I can’t access it for archives.
2 – my site is www.empoweringwomenslives.com – I have 1 tab with a drop down menu. I’d like to have the items go sideways. How do I do that?
3 – When someone clicks on my "Empowerment Journals" (Browse Categories), they go to the next page with my commentary. I’d like to see a hyperlink that tells them to ‚click here to comment‘. It should be located below the paragraph.
4- I’d like to do the same with the Thought of the Day (Featured section).
Thanks for all your help,


(von: kinyofu)

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Re: Help with drop down menu and comments :: Reply by master

20. Mai. 2010 (von: master)

you are right, the Jubel and the Unessentials Forum is not working. No idea why, I had never contact with the arthemia creators (and they didn't write anything in their forum for more than one year)horizontal dropdown? do you mean…


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