can you get this widget plug in to work. I can’t

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1. I have a few questions for you man. Really need your help. I am trying to use an API with twitter to have my followers display in my wp sidebar. I found this plug on on line.
http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/resources … oose-from/
However, it doesn’t display the avatars/images of my followers. Any reason why?
2. Secondly, as you know I am designing a site and I want to ask you a few questions.
It is a real estate site that will have rss feeds, a newsletter subscription service, fan comments, an image gallery slideshow and then a picture gallery which will contain

rental or for sale properties.
I have attached the document for you which the client gave me as the layout.
click here
1.Pretty easy, just create the page structure in wp admin.
2 Easy design a web 2.0 saavy logo.
3 Add an aweber contact form for opt in subscribers
4 This is a matrix 4 by 4 of images of properties and when you click on it, it will take you to a detailed view of that property, with a description and a google map.

Quick question, how do you integrate google maps with that specific property or with any property so that when you go to property A, or B you will have a supplemental Google map showcasing its location. Some real estate themes come with this feature so would you use them, or can you add this into Arthemmia as well?
5 Is the Feedback tab we talked about which follows you.
6 The Blog feed, can we just cut the php code from the blog roll into the main index.php page. Or I am sure you can get plug ins in wordpress that will display a blog area that updates in real time right?
7 Client commens-Just get a sidebar widget for this. Pretty easy I am sure.
8 I need a FB and Twitter follower showing sidebar widget. The one I talked to you about at the top is one I found, but it doesn’t display the pictures or avatars of my twitter followers. What do you recommend Joern?

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Re: can you get this widget plug in to work. I can’t :: Reply by Joern

12. Mai. 2010 (von: Joern)

1. I do not know which of the 31 plugins you use, but the one under 'TweetRoll' http://tweetburn.com/tools/ looks best for your purpose. If I try with my twitter username it looks like this:http://tweetburn.com/tweeple/?longjornand I think it would loo... Weiterlesen…

Re: can you get this widget plug in to work. I can’t :: Reply by omerkhan01

13. Mai. 2010 (von: omerkhan01)

One last thing Joern. The client wants a search form which uses information from the MLS system. It has real time updated information about the latest rental properties, and properties for sale. Sort of like at realosphy.com . Any recommendation…

Re: can you get this widget plug in to work. I can’t :: Reply by Joern

13. Mai. 2010 (von: Joern)

had to check what is a MLS System at all.So: Clients can search for homes and property within the MLS (multiple listing service) database.IDX stands for Internet Data eXchange. A MLS / IDX solution is a service that allows MLS…


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