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there is a css entry in /plugins/wp-e-commerce/themes/iShop/iShop.css,
div.wpsc_loading_animation … float:left;
This makes the button in ff moving right and looking like centered. This loading image is hidden, so IE moves your button image to the left.
I would remove float:left; from iShop.css first, I ‚guess‘ the button will be more left in ff now.
To center it you should not just write center as this is not to understand for many browsers
Now your ordernowbutton image is in a div class="wpsc_buy_button_container"
So add in iShop.css:

div.wpsc_buy_button_container {

/* not really sure what.. */


margin:0 auto;

you might have to assign this styles to the image like this:
div.wpsc_buy_button_container img {


margin:15px auto;

also the empty p /p or br you use above and below the image you do not need, it’s in

margin:15px auto; giving you 15px above and below the image
more is hard to tell because an ajax (java)script modifies the styling on load…
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why is my WP Ecommerce button not centering in my page in IE?

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