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Hi All. I need to have a magazine section (category) in my website wherein a typical post will have thumbnail of the edition (preferably cover), Issue details (week, month and year) and a link to download a pdf.
How can I achieve this with easy frequent updates to the section

either via a plugin or tweaking the code.
One is internet-services magazine-edition but i could not get a hang of it.
Essentially it wont have a single post page.
How can I duplicate the current archive.php to be used exclusively for magazine section with no excerpt, no link to post page. Please help


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Re: Magazine editions with download pdf :: Reply by Joern

8. Apr. 2010 (von: Joern)

You can copy archive.php to category-ID.php and start changes there, a file called category-6.php would work for the category with ID=6 - got it?Now if you go on an archive with category ID 6 it will load your new custom…


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