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von Joern am 29. Mrz. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

I am sorry to tell you that because the Arthemia Premium gets a member support only, I modify the free version only.

I have no Premium on hand and it’s much more difficult to ‚override‘ settings set in the admin panel.

Arthemia Premium is easy to set up using the admin panels theme options, but going further is made quite difficult.

I love the free version, easy to modify and to understand, no trial and error what happens if I change this or that.
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(von: Joern)

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change index.php layout

28. Mrz. 2010 (von: msderky)

ok so i was over on arthemia forums and i noticed that you had solutions for all the questions i had...i literally bookmarked like 5 modifications that i want to do to my theme lol...anyhoo when searching i could not…

Re: change index.php layout :: Reply by msderky

29. Mrz. 2010 (von: msderky)

darn =( i must just download the free theme so that I am able to customize it myself. Thank you anywayz! Weiterlesen →


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