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von Joern am 28. Mrz. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

ok so i was over on arthemia forums and i noticed that you had solutions for all the questions i had…i literally bookmarked like 5 modifications that i want to do to my theme lol…anyhoo when searching i could not find a solution to the changes i want to make to my Arthemia theme…i have premium version 1.0 and this is what im looking for.
1. where the headline is i would like to make that the latest post (i found the thread for this)
2. and where the featured is i want to make it sort of similar to what it is now but show pages for my authors or all child pages under the parent page author (not sure how to make pages instead of posts show there)

3. also for some reason my premium version doesnt have the jcarosel around the featured option if you knew how to get that working that would be great too
4. but the most important part i am looking to change is the layout of index.php i kind of want the spoilers to be where the latest post /columns are. i want in the latest post area to show 1 spoiler excerpt of a category of my choice. and where the two columns are i would like to show the remaining 4 categories of my choice. i tried to simply move the coding from sidebar.php to my index.php file and it did show up but the color settings did not show up behind the category like it does in the sidebar…not sure if this is a css issue or a coding issue because with the premium theme i was able to define the color and categories through the back end admin panel..also if at all possible i would like for the posts that show up in the headline, in the spoiler category, i want to go where the latest posts are, and the spoiler category i want to go in the column area does not show up multiple times of the same post.
i know i know im asking for a lot but any kind of help with these would be great. i am not a code writer or anything but i am somewhat knowledgeable with php and java

(von: msderky)

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Re: change index.php layout :: Reply by Joern

29. Mrz. 2010 (von: Joern)

I am sorry to tell you that because the Arthemia Premium gets a member support only, I modify the free version only.I have no Premium on hand and it's much more difficult to 'override' settings set in the admin panel.Arthemia…

Re: change index.php layout :: Reply by msderky

29. Mrz. 2010 (von: msderky)

darn =( i must just download the free theme so that I am able to customize it myself. Thank you anywayz! Weiterlesen →


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