Re: image slider doesn’t work :: Reply by teoman

von Joern am 14. Mrz. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

Thanks for your help,

i found the problem,

its cause of the another ajax plugin installed,

i have disabled it and everythings fine now.

(von: teoman)

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image slider doesn’t work

13. Mrz. 2010 (von: teoman)

hello,installed artemix-green but the image slider does not work;it does not change pictures and when i change to any of the link on right (#fragment-1 to 4) insted of image change like a new page open and slider disapper.what can…

Re: image slider doesn’t work :: Reply by Joern

14. Mrz. 2010 (von: Joern)

did you read the readme.txt included in the theme's folder? It says:take your latest post first and scroll down to "Add new custom field"Under Name you put Image ( with capital i !) and the according value like this wp-content/images/boeing_787_dreamliner.jpg…


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