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von Joern am 14. Mrz. 2010 | Keine Kommentare

did you read the readme.txt included in the theme’s folder? It says:
take your latest post first and scroll down to "Add new custom field"

Under Name you put Image ( with capital i !) and the according value like this wp-content/images/boeing_787_dreamliner.jpg (no backslash in front)
Now timthumb should be able to get the image and resize it to the two different sizes it needs for the slider.
Did it work after installing with just the default images? These default images show as long you do not assign a custom image and link to the latest (4) posts. Clicking on them will show you the post in full and no slider.
Can you give me a link to your site?
you find me on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

(von: Joern)

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image slider doesn’t work

13. Mrz. 2010 (von: teoman)

hello,installed artemix-green but the image slider does not work;it does not change pictures and when i change to any of the link on right (#fragment-1 to 4) insted of image change like a new page open and slider disapper.what can…

Re: image slider doesn’t work :: Reply by teoman

14. Mrz. 2010 (von: teoman)

Thanks for your help,i found the problem,its cause of the another ajax plugin installed,i have disabled it and everythings fine now. Weiterlesen →


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