Boeing 787 Dreamliner maiden flight

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a mid-sized, wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner under development by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Its maximum seating capacity is between 290 and 330 passengers, depending on variant. Boeing states that it will be more fuel-efficient than earlier Boeing airliners and will be the first major airliner to use composite materials for most of its construction.

The aircraft’s maiden flight, originally planned for September 2007, took place on December 15, 2009.

The longest-range 787 variant can fly 8,000 to 8,500 nautical miles (14,800 to 15,700 km), enough to cover the Los Angeles to Bangkok or New York City to Taipei routes. It will have a cruise speed of Mach 0.85 (561 mph, 903 km/h at typical cruise altitudes).

boeing 787 dreamliner

The 787 will seat 240 in two-class domestic configuration, with a 46-in (116.8 cm) pitch for first class and a 34-in (86.4 cm) pitch for coach class.

296 passengers can be seated in a high-density 3+2+3 / 2+4+2 coach arrangement with 36-in (91.4 cm) Business and 32-in (81.3 cm) Coach pitch.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner The best-selling passenger widebody of all time. The industry-leading technology of the 787 Dreamliner is creating remarkable opportunities for airlines around the world and dramatically improving the air travel experience. We call it the Dreamliner Nos Boeing 787-9, les Dreamliners. Boeing 787-9, 279 sièges. Caractéristiques Longueur en mètres : 62,8 Envergure en mètres : 60,1 Vitesse de croisière : Mach .85 Altitude de croisière : 10 700 m / 35 The is an American wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Commercial Airplanes . After dropping its unconventional Sonic Cruiser project, announced the conventional 7E7 on January 29, 2003, which focused #Dreamliner - The Boeing Company designed the family with passengers in mind, right from the start. With the largest windows of any jet, cleaner, more comfortable air, a smoother ride and space for everyone's bag, you'll arrive Tags: #dreamliner, boeing, company, Built from a clean sheet design, the BBJ is the blueprint for the latest technological advances in aviation. Explore the advancements that is bringing to business aviation.


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