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von Joern am 16. Jul. 2008 | Keine Kommentare

Willst Du wissen was gerade ganz heiß ist auf Technorati’s Gadgets Channel, dann schau mal hier!

Yet more consolidation underway in the ad tech business, and a resting place for what was once a leading authority for ranking important blogs and other sites online: Synacor, a company that provides Technorati also has what it calls the Technorati Blog Finder which basically ends up to being Technorati's directory of blogs, organized by topic. You can browse through the categories, or scroll down to the bottom offers great ways to keep of what people are writing about in Blogland with their Newstalk, Booktalk and Current Events services. David Sifry presented at the Future Sal two mths ago. Synacor, Inc. - Home Synacor (NASDAQ: SYNC) is the trusted technology development, multiplatform services and revenue partner for , internet and communicatis providers, device manufacturers, governments and enterprises. Tags: synacor, home,


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